VIRM are an alien hive mind species and the main antagonists in DARLING in the FRANXX. They are invaders from outer space and have an enemy relationship to Klaxo sapiens. Some time ago, they were once defeated and driven away by the Klaxo sapiens.

Three individuals of this race went on to accumulate prominent positions on Earth: Papa, Vice Chairman, and Tarsier from APE.


The VIRM have hundreds, if not, thousands of ships at their disposal. Ranging from Carriers, Cruisers, Scouts, Destroyer class vessels, ready to decimate any race that refuses their surrender to VIRM's will.

They also have mobile weapons similar to how the Klaxosaurs have which are humanoid like mechs, ranging in different sizes and numbers.


The VIRM invaded Earth sixty million years prior to the main story timeline and came into conflict with the klaxosaurs, who already inhabited the planet. The VIRM offered the klaxosaurs eternal peace if they merged with VIRM but they klaxosaurs refused. From then onwards, a long-term civil war erupted between the two. Although the VIRM were bigger in size and numbers, they proved to be outmatched by the klaxosaurs’ technology and evolution. After centuries of battles and destruction, the klaxosaurs were successful in forcing the VIRM to retreat but were left on the brink of extinction and dug themselves underground to Earth’s core and absorbed magma energy to enhance their evolution for future battles against VIRM.

However, two VIRM managed to survive and began blending themselves within the human population by disguising themselves. At some point, one of them came into authority over the humans and created the government function called APE, becoming somewhat of a god-like figure and leader, and he was referred to as Papa. Two other VIRMS also became prominent members of APE, the Chairmen and Tarsier. To eliminate the klaxosaurs, Papa recruited Dr. Franxx into APE based on his research on cloning and magma energy. Further research led to the creation of the FRANXX and the recruitment of boy-girl pairs to pilot them and destroy klaxosaurs. The creation of Zero Two, the clone of the klaxosaur princess, was considered a highly successful achievement.

In episode 17, Two of the sages from APE tried to persuade the princess to surrender but she killed them and Papa decided to use the last resort to eliminate the klaxosaurs. In episode 21, the princess’ intrusion with the parasite children ultimately prompts the revelation that Papa and the Vice Chairman is members of VIRM, the true enemy rather the klaxosaurs, causing massive confusion among everyone. Papa and the Chairman activate the VIRMS to attack but are overwhelmed by the klaxosaurs and the FRANXX pilots, who have turned against Papa. The VIRMS retreat and head to space, with several klaxosaurs following them.

In the final battle, Squad 13 and the Nines join the fight to save Zero Two, who has consciously merged with Strelizia. Papa and the Chairman demand that everyone stop resisting and allow themselves to merge into a single life form to stop a cycle of hatred and discrimination, but everyone rejects this. After transforming into the Strelizia True Apus, Zero Two and Hiro successfully defeat most of VIRMS’ forces but, to avoid further collateral damage, they travel through a warp gate with a bomb made by the klaxosaurs to destroy the VIRM for good.

Over the course of two years, Hiro and Zero Two battle VIRM in space before finally reaching the VIRM home planet. They are almost defeated but eventually overwhelm the VIRM forces. To liberate all the souls accumulated by the VIRM and destroy the planet, Hiro and Zero Two sacrifice themselves and detonate the bomb. Despite this, Papa and Vice Chairman survive and vow to face them one more at the peak of evolution, as they say VIRM can not die.



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