Strelizia (ストレリチア, Sutorerichia) is a specially-made FRANXX mecha, and its female pilot is Zero Two. There has been three known male pilots for the FRANXX: Code:081, a pilot who was heavily injured and later killed due to Zero Two's dangerous piloting; Hiro, who was able to pilot it when he rode it, and later became Strelizia's official new stamen; and Mitsuru, who was able to successfully pilot it but later got heavily injured.


Strelizia is a large robot with a body colored white, orange, and red. It has large shoulder pads, with feet styled like red heels. It has a pair of long orange strands resembling hair on the sides of its face, with orange eyes. On Strelizia's forehead, there is a long, pointed gray-blue antenna. Strelizia wields a white, red, and orange lance.


Zero Two piloted Strelizia with Code:081 in order to defeat a Klaxosaur, but was overwhelmed and the male pilot was killed during the battle. It crashes close to Hiro, who Zero Two decides to pilot Strelizia with, and they're able to successfully re-activate Strelizia. Strelizia then defeats the Klaxosaur, and then Zero Two comes out of the cockpit with an unconscious Hiro.

In Episode 03, after Delphinium, Argentea and Genista are endangered during when a simple Klaxosaur battle mission goes awry, Nana and Hachi decided to send Strelizia to save them. Although Hiro wants to pilot Strelizia with Zero Two, Hachi denies him from piloting it because he's not an official Stamen. Mitsuru offers to ride it with Zero Two to rescue the three FRANXX mechas, but Zero Two only wants to pilot it with Hiro, but Hiro tells Zero Two to pilot Strelizia with him for just this time and Zero Two reluctantly decides to pilot it with Mitsuru. After a successful synchronization, Strelizia arrives in Level 8 and defeats the Klaxosaurs that were attacking Delphinium, Argentea, and Genista, but Mitsuru is left heavily injured after Strelizia is sent to be retrieved.

Strelizia is to be sent to the front lines along with its pistil in Episode 04, but since Hiro manages to convince Zero Two to not leave Plantation 13, they both run off to get in Strelizia and ride it. Upon finding it, they connect and activate it, as it flies off to battle the Klaxosaur the other Franxx robots are facing. Strelizia continues battling the Klaxosaur along with the others until it is able to find the monster's core and smash it, defeating it.

Due to their successful compatibility, Hiro becomes Strelizia's official stamen, and Strelizia stays in Plantation 13 with Zero Two.


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