The unnamed Old Woman is a character in DARLING in the FRANXX.


She's a woman who usually wears a white headdress which covers her head like any other adult. When she isn't wearing her residential uniform, she appears a lot older. She has a round face, grey opaque eyes, thin eyebrows and a gentle smile. Her hair is tied into a ponytail. When at home, she wears white tights. There's a red sphere with tubes where her heart should be.

Her all white residential outfit with "heart" gives off a futuristic and probably alienating look.

Due to her age, she experiences frequent headaches and is easily tired.


She is a kind woman. When Zorome fell on his head, she willingly took him home and treated him. She also talked to him and acted like a mother figure. She is also brutally honest, however, like when Zorome asked to be her friend and she cheerfully denied, or when Zorome complained about his partner and she happily advised him to find a replacement.

She's also a loving partner and usually checks on the old man. Unfortunately, he's always inside a "happy pod", never walking outside. When Zorome asked what he sounded like, she was hurt to find out that she's forgotten his voice.

Old man

Old Man in "Happy pod"


Episode 10: The City of Eternity

Nana tells them they have to return, but Zorome wanders off and is separated. He looks at the energy source, but realizes that he's been separated and cannot contact the others.

Zorome notes that the city seems empty. He sees a person and calls out, but they walk away. Zorome tries to crawl down, but notices an adult and falls to the ground.

He wakes up to find that he'd been treated by an adult. She is happy that he is okay and says that the medical checker just wouldn't work on him. But she tried a bunch of things, like using pet mode settings, and then it worked out. Before she can let them know where he is, Zorome asks to just talk for a bit. She agrees and removes her face covering.

The woman disinfects the house and offers tea and sweets. Zorome stuffs them in his mouth. He asks her various questions, and she explains that there was a time when she used to enjoy the sense of taste, but she doesn't really care now. As long as her body gets the nutrition it needs, that's enough, she lives with her partner. She asks if he'd like to meet him.

She brings him to a dark room where her partner lies in a machine. He smiles and the woman explains that he's activating his brain's reward system to gain a sense of pleasure. Zorome says that he'd rather gain it by eating those snacks from earlier. She falls to her knees and says that talking had just made her tired.

They return to the living room. She says that she doesn't even remember what his voice sounds like. She doesn't think either of them is dissatisfied with their partner. They don't meddle in each other's business, which gives them the freedom to live their lives as they please. Zorome complains about Miku, so she says that he should change his partner, then. He is taken back and begins defending her. The woman somehow already knows his code. She becomes more ill and says that she needs to get him picked up.

On the phone, she says that she checked with him, so there's no doubt about it.

She returns to say he'll be there soon, but notices that he's crying. He says that he doesn't know why, but she feels really familiar somehow. He feels that someone's always been watching over him. Gentle and kind, like they're always there to protect him.

She says that he is mistaken, as they kids are the ones protecting them. Zorome becomes happy and tells her that he'll keep protecting it, fighting until he kills all the klaxosaurs, and then one day, he'll become an adult. He begins to ask if she can be his family when he lives in the city, but stops and instead asks for her to be his friend. She finds this funny and says that's obviously out of the question but is cut off before she can explain.

The woman explains to a man that she treated and fed him. He hands her a heart. A man tells him not to waste their time and infected children shouldn't enter. The other man tells him to knock it off, since they're victims too, calling them pitiful.

Episode 15: The Bird that Shares Wings


Argentea passes by her window

She stood in her apartment, overlooking the fight between Squad 13 and the Klaxosaurs that's just breached. Since Plantation 13 has been heavily damaged by the end of the battle, her status is currently unknown.


Old man

She is his partner and has stayed with him for a long time. However, they haven't talked to each other for a long time, the length of which is unknown.


She was very kind to him, treating him and tending to his needs. However, they could never become friends due to the restrictions of being a parasite.



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