Ichigo (イチゴ, Ichigo) is one of the main characters in DARLING in the FRANXX. She is a former Parasite with the codename "015" of the Thirteenth Plantation, where she was partnered in boy-girl pair with Goro to pilot a FRANXX called Delphinium. She was the official leader of Squad 13.


Ichigo has soft green eyes and a petite build, being the shortest among the parasites in Squad 13. She wears her straight and short blue hair in a razor-cut hairstyle, where her hair hangs lengthier on the right side of her face. She has free-falling bangs that mostly covers her right eye and one long strand of hair on the left side of her face. She also wears a white hair clip holding back the bangs on her left side, which was a gift from Hiro. From Episode 09, she loses it but later gets a similar one from Goro. She dons the standard Pistil Parasite uniform.

In Episode 24 when she has become an adult, Ichigo's hair is more evenly-cut and longer on the right side. Her fringe is also cleaned up and her bangs on the left side are completely held back by her white hair clip.


Ichigo is an honor student who is seen as a natural-born leader. Because of her high aptitude, she was chosen as Squad 13's Leader. While normally a very considerate and level-headed person, her crush on Hiro impairs her judgment, especially as regards to his possible partnership with Zero Two. She initially hated the possibility of a stranger like Zero Two becoming Hiro's partner. One of her motivations for agreeing to be Hiro's partner in the training match was because she believes she should be the one to bring out his full potential.

As a leader, Ichigo is reliable, responsible and serious. Despite her serious disposition, Ichigo is capable of giving some notably snippy remarks, as seen in her interactions with Nine Alpha. She is also very considerate and caring for her friends. She tries to see everything in a good light, even if she herself doesn't want to. She can also be encouraging towards her squadmates and insist that teamwork is important for all of them to survive. However, she is strongly emotional and has always been impulsive and driven by her feelings. She is forced between acting as a leader and her own feelings, such as knowingly putting Hiro's life on the line while also acknowledging he's needed, this strain of commanding weighs her down. She would initially let her personal feelings get to her head when in a crucial mission, only to reflect over it when being placed in a dangerous situation. She would think about her poor skills as a leader and blame herself for her putting her friends in danger. She also expresses her anxiety more inside her FRANXX than she does outside of it and is seen breaking down, only to be supported by her FRANXX partner, Goro.

She has admired and been fiercely protective of Hiro ever since childhood, and supports Hiro the best she can. She is not afraid to voice her own opinions and get people to follow her orders as a leader. She has been deemed by Zero Two on several occasions as "bossy". Despite that, Ichigo does sometimes not say what she truly wants to and is able to put her feelings aside for others if she wants to. This is shown when she lied to Hiro saying she always had seen him as a sibling for his sake and for the sake of the fact that he could only pilot a FRANXX with Zero Two, when in reality she didn't want Hiro to pilot with Zero Two at all due to her feelings towards Hiro and the dangerous risks it could bring him. She is a straight-laced and straightforward person but also always follows the orders she receives, and held a deep respect for Papa.

Over the series, Ichigo slowly learns to put Hiro's feelings and Squad 13's well-being before her own. She learns to accept and support Hiro and Zero Two's relationship, and become nicer to Zero Two to the point of considering her an integral part of Squad 13. She becomes just as fiercely protective of the others, including Zero Two, as Hiro. This is further emphasized when VIRM left earth and abandoned humanity; Ichigo becomes so dedicated to looking after the others and ensuring they have enough food, clean water, etc. for survival that she forgets to take care of herself, until she collapses outright in the fields. She also becomes a much better leader; she learns to see the big picture and not let her tunnel-visioned emotions consume her, making decisions that benefit the whole group rather than just Hiro or her designs for him, and she isn't as badly shaken when things go wrong.


Ichigo was raised in the Garden where she was trained to become a Pistil. Because of her high parasite potential, she obtained the codename "015" and received special treatment because her number was a double-digit number in the teens.

Ichigo receives her name

Ichigo as a child, receiving her name from Hiro.

One day, Hiro saw Ichigo crying and she wondered if she's strange, since the other kids had stopped showing emotion. She continued to cry, saying that she wanted to be like everyone else and asked if she should get more injections. Although Hiro tried to comfort her by saying that they were special from the start since their codes were in the teens, Ichigo stated that being different is scary. To cheer her up, Hiro said that he named himself "Hiro" and asked Ichigo if she wanted a name too. Hiro gave her the name "Ichigo" since that is how her codename is read, and he told Ichigo that having a name can make someone feel that it's okay to feel different since it's a unique name given only to oneself. Ichigo became very happy to have received a name and she asked Hiro to name the other kids in the Garden, to which he agreed. Ever since, Ichigo has admired Hiro.[1]

After that, everyone went along in Hiro's footsteps and began naming each other. Ichigo oversaw Code:196 being named "Ikuro" and being mocked for it. She didn't seem to particularly like the name either. Ichigo goes to her and instead names her "Ikuno", which pleases her.[2]

When Ichigo saw Goro who had been getting in fights with other kids in the Garden, she asked why he's fighting when he's so weak. Although he told her to stay out of it, he was defeated by the other kids. Ichigo lends Goro a helping hand and they win against the kids, to which Ichigo told Goro that even if they couldn't win alone, the two of them could together.
Ichigo-Hiro-Goro Kids

Ichigo, Hiro, and Goro in the Garden.

After that, Ichigo, Hiro, and Goro became very close friends and were often seen by each other's sides, growing up in the Garden together. One day, Hiro commented that Ichigo's bangs had gotten longer and that it would be hard to see, so when they got their annual presents from Papa, Ichigo received a hairclip from Hiro and had worn it ever since.[3]

When Ichigo graduated from the Garden, she was accepted into Plantation 13's Squad where she was partnered with Goro. Though she passed, she was present as Naomi and Hiro failed to connect, devastating her.[4]

Episode 01: Alone and Lonesome

Ichigo attended the welcoming ceremony alongside the other parasites thus becoming an official pistil. Ichigo is leader of the Parasites. Ichigo and Goro were about to ceremonially pilot the Delphinium, when a sudden klaxosaur attack interrupted the ceremony. She, Goro and the Delphinium were almost vaporized were it not for the timely rescue of Strelizia.

Episode 02: What It Means to Connect

When Nana was looking for volunteers to test Hiro's ability to pilot a FranXX in a mock battle, Zero Two volunteered. As the leader of the Parasites, she vetoed Zero Two's proposition effectively taking her place as Hiro's temporary partner. During the mock battle. Ichigo and Hiro reached 100% on the compatibility rating, higher than any other pairing amongst the Parasites (even that of Ichigo-Goro). Due to unknown reasons, Ichigo and Hiro got "de-synced" shortly after making Delphinium walk towards Argentea. Ichigo inquires Hiro into what Zero Two did in order to "awaken his abilities". Hiro could not recall any of it, but he remembers the kiss.

Ep2 Ichigo frustration

Ichigo pilots Delphinium by herself against the orders.

Although previously unknown to the concept of a kiss, she kissed Hiro, which Hiro remarked "I don't feel a thing, It didn't work".

This put Ichigo on the brink of tears only to be prevented by the Argentea's attack. Forcing Ichigo to pilot Delphinium by herself against the orders of Nana. This led to Hiro and Ichigo losing the mock battle and Hiro being grounded once again. Hiro apologises but Ichigo tells him not, implying it wasn't his fault. Ichigo breaks into tears and glances back at Hiro, silently telling herself "You were awful."

Episode 03: Fighting Puppet

Episode 04: Flap Flap

Episode 05: Your Thorn, My Badge

Episode 06: DARLING in the FRANXX

Episode 07: Shooting Star Moratorium

Episode 08: Boys × Girls

Episode 09: Triangle Bomb

Episode 10: The City of Eternity

Episode 11: Partner Shuffle

Episode 12: The Garden Where It All Began

Episode 13: The Beast and the Prince

Episode 14: Punishment and Confession

Zero Two and Hiro realize they knew each other as children. Ichigo suddenly interrupts and throws her off of him.

Zero Two goes to talk to Hiro, but is stopped by Ichigo. She blames her for his hospitalization and says she can't see him again. Goro and Miku tell her to calm down. When Ichigo reveals that Hiro will lose his humanity, the rest of the parasites don't believe her and ask Zero Two. She tells them to shut up and mind their own business. Ichigo stops her again from seeing him and says that she isn't a member of their team.

Hachi announced they must neutralize every klaxosaur inhabiting Gran Crevasse. Nana says that it is a joint operation with the 9's and FRANXX squad from each plantation. He says that Squad 13 is scheduled to be part of the sixth wave. Nana says it will be their most difficult mission and Ichigo raises her hand. She asks that Zero Two is removed from Squad 13 as of that mission and, if not, Squad 13 will not participate in the operation. Nana says that she was set to return to the 9's as of the mission anyway. Zero Two protests, but the parasites stop her from seeing him.

When Hiro gets up, he is stopped by Miku. Zero Two is also guarded and prevented from leaving her room. Ichigo comes in to see Hiro and they chat. She gives him an apple. She tells him that Zero Two is returning to the 9's the next night. She asks if he hates her and says that, even if he does, not to go anywhere. Hiro apologizes and Ichigo cuts her thumb, so Hiro bandages it for her. Zero Two remembers what Ichigo said and thinks that she knew she could never be a human. Ichigo leaves the knife and apple. Zero Two breaks out of her room as Ichigo returns, and she roughly throws Goro against a window.

Goro tells Ichigo to let her see him and Kokoro agrees. Ichigo says that she can meet him, but they're all going to be there. When they enter the room, it's empty as Hiro used the knife to escape. Zero Two becomes enraged and says that they tricked her. Hiro goes to her room. Hiro asks through the door if Zero Two knew about their past all along, but opens the door to find the room destroyed. Afterward, Hiro returns to the hospital to find all his teammates strangled with Zero Two attacking Ichigo. Ichigo tells him to run and Zero Two asks to speak with Hiro, who calls her a monster for attacking his friends.

Zero Two leaves as everyone watches. As she goes away, Hiro cries and begins to go after her, only to be immediately stopped by Ichigo who begs him to not to leave before kissing him and confessing her to him. Ichigo tells Hiro that she doesn't regret their kiss in the mock fight and that she wants to be with him forever, which Goro overhears. She says that she's always loved him whilst Zero Two's ship flies overhead.

Episode 15: The Bird that Shares Wings

Episode 16: Days of Our Lives

Episode 17: Eden

Episode 18: When the Sakura Blooms

Episode 19: Inhumanity

Episode 20: A New World

Episode 21: For You, My Love

Episode 22: Stargazers

Episode 23: DARLING in the FRANXX

Episode 24: Never Let Me Go

Ichigo and the other parasites return to the plantations and find plants are still alive. They begin harvesting the plants and start farming in the fields to grow crops. Ikuno begins researching and when Ichigo asks what the documents are needed for, Ikuno says there is something she wants to get done. When Kokoro gives birth to her and Mitsuru's daughter Ai, Ichigo, Ikuno, Miku and other girls are present. Ichigo is emotional and happy for them. When the comatose children, including Naomi, are awakened and join the other children. Ichigo tearfully hugs her.

Goro and Ichigo kiss

Ichigo is kissed by Goro.

When Goro later decides to go on a journey to gather supplies needed to help the parasites survive and to rescue any children left behind, everyone bids him farewell and Ichigo tells him to stay in contact with them. He then kisses Ichigo and leaves and she blushes furiously. During the winter, Ichigo finds Zero Two’s storybook and is baffled to see the last page blank.

Ichigo mourns

Ichigo mourns Hiro and Zero Two.

As Ai plays near Zero Two’s statue, she begins saying "darling." Her parents overhear this and tell their squad mates about it. They surmise the statue can link them to Hiro and Zero Two in space. Ichigo and her friends link arms and shout to them their thoughts. After a while, more and more of the parasites begin joining. Their voices eventually reach the two; Ichigo and Goro reaffirm their belief the two will return. When Hiro and Zero Two sacrifice themselves in order to destroy VIRMs home planet, Ichigo sheds tears but states that they will improve their world and society so both of them can come home anytime.

Squad 13 reunites

The former Squad 13 reunite by the cherry blossom tree.

10 years later since the gate passage, everyone has stopped using the magma energy and created a self-sufficient lifestyle. Ichigo finishes Zero Two’s book so future generations will know about them. On the day of the school entrance ceremony, Ikuno, who is now a doctor, checks on Ichigo who is pregnant with her first child and married to Goro. The former Squad 13 later reunites at a cherry blossom tree and thank Hiro and Zero Two, speaking of the lessons they have learned from them.



Hiro and Ichigo are childhood best friends and worry mutually for the well-being of the other. It is presumed that Ichigo has feelings for Hiro, as she is very protective of him and is jealous of Hiro riding with Zero Two, but due to her upbringing she doesn't fully understand her feelings and doesn't understand why seeing the two of them together hurts her so much. Though she comes around to accept it for some time. When Zero Two was deported from Cerasus, Hiro tried chasing after her but Ichigo comes to confess her feelings to him and steal a kiss, to which he doesn't comply. As she tells him she loves him, he watches the sky, tragically paying more attention to the plane separating him from his dearest.

In the end, after Ichigo synchronizes with Hiro, she sees that Hiro's thoughts are encompassed with Zero Two. She finally realizes that there is no place for her in Hiro's heart and supports him by using Delphinium to send Hiro directly to Strelizia.

Ichigo tearfully mourns Hiro's death in Episode 24.


Goro is Ichigo's FRANXX co-pilot. He often supports Ichigo's actions and decisions, and is able to calm her down whenever she has a breakdown. Ichigo cares for Goro's safety, as demonstrated when she desperately tried to save him from death after Delphinium was swallowed by a klaxosaur with him inside. Although Goro admittedly holds romantic feelings for her, and although she's grateful for his true feelings, she only sees him as nothing more than her partner and a friend. Nevertheless, they made a good pair.

In Episode 24, Ichigo sees Goro off before he departs to travel the world, but not before he surprises her with a kiss. They then get married during the eight-year timeskip, with Goro taking time off from his travels to care for their unborn child.

Zero Two

Ichigo first saw Zero Two carrying a limp Hiro out of her Strelizia. When she was told by Nana that she is a klaxosaur-human hybrid with the APE Special Forces Unit, she had warned Hiro to distance himself from Zero Two as she was rumoured to be the "Partner Killer", in that none of her partners ever survive more than 3 rides with her.

During breakfast, she was visibly uncomfortable with Zero Two being around Hiro and was in shock when Zero Two refers to Hiro as "Darling", although not knowing the meaning of the word. She later encountered Zero Two in the hangar. Ichigo warns Zero Two to "stay away" from Hiro so he doesn't get hurt. Zero Two retorts "What are you to my darling?", to which Ichigo replies she is the squad leader. Zero Two licks her and say that she is "sweet" and that she likes how Ichigo tastes.

When being allowed to take Hiro for a ride in the mock battle, Zero Two told Ichigo to take care of her "Darling", to which Ichigo reacted coldly.

Later it has been seen that Ichigo had grown to care about Zero Two, and even said she’s part of her team.

After hearing about Zero Two's past as a "Partner Killer", Ichigo starts to see her as a threat again. Her suspicions come out true as Zero Two tries to suck Hiro's life inside Strelizia. Ichigo later takes her away from him and their relationship rapidly deteriorates. Ichigo then pledges to separate her from Hiro and cast her out from the squad, calling her a monster for her actions. Zero Two almost broke into tears upon hearing this, telling Squad 13 (Hiro excluded) that they are all wrong. Kokoro and Goro, feeling sad seeing Zero Two and Hiro apart, convinced Ichigo to allow her to visit Hiro. She reluctantly accepts. But upon arriving at Hiro's treatment room, they were surprised to find that Hiro had escaped. Zero Two, thinking that she's been tricked, beats the entire squad unconscious. She then held Ichigo by the neck and throws her to the ground in front of Hiro. Hiro then scolds Zero Two for being such a monster while holding Ichigo. She was then deported as punishment.

After Zero Two got deported due to her aggressive action, Ichigo told Hiro that this is for the best.

In episode 15, It's revealed that Ichigo hostility towards Zero Two was due of Ichigo jealousy towards Zero Two as Hiro only had his eyes on her, and not Ichigo. Finally giving up on Hiro, Ichigo decides to support them and renews her friendship with Zero Two. Like with Hiro, she breaks down upon realizing her death.


The two have been good friends since they were children. Ichigo reassures Ikuno that she can connect and pilot Chlorophytum again, and Ikuno blushes at the statement. She then recalls this moment before she connects and activates Chlorophytum before setting off to battle a Klaxosaur.


Ichigo's nickname may use some of the numeral's readings from her real name "Code:015": ichi from 1 ( (いち) , ichi) and go from 5 ( () , go). "ichigo" is also the Japanese word for "strawberry".


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"Maybe we can't win alone, but the two of us together can."—Ichigo, to Goro.


  • Ichigo is the only member of Squad 13 outside of Hiro to give another Squad member a name, as everyone else’s name was given to by Hiro.
    • Ichigo was the one who gave Ikuno her name.
  • She likes cats, and often plays with them off-duty.
  • She also likes stuffed toys and often sleeps with them. Whenever they got their annual presents from Papa, Ichigo had always wished for a stuffed toy.


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