Goro (ゴロー, Gorō) is one of the main characters in DARLING in the FRANXX series. He's a Parasite with codename "056" of Thirteenth Plantation, where he's partnered in boy-girl pair with Ichigo to pilot a FRANXX called Delphinium.


Goro is a tall, average build with blond loose-spiked hair. He wears blue-rimmed glasses over his striking golden eyes. He dons the standard Stamen Parasite uniform.


Goro has an upbeat "class rep" personality. He's a talented pilot and seen by many as one of the most well-valued parasites in Cerasus. He's old friends with Hiro and Ichigo. His FRANXX partner is Ichigo. When he was a child, he disliked being surrounded by many people and wanted to be alone, and thought that fighting with other children would make him be left alone. After meeting and befriending Ichigo and Hiro, this attitude changed. Goro is very considerate of others, as after confessing his love to Ichigo, he states that Ichigo doesn't need to answer him, knowing that it would put Ichigo in a confused state; and in Episode 14, when Zero Two is not allowed to see Hiro, Goro requests the other Parasites that she should be allowed to meet Hiro, even if guarded and just for a bit.


Like his fellow parasites, Goro was raised in the Garden. Because of his high potential as a parasite, he receives the number of "056" and was given special treatment[1]. At some point, he receives a name from Hiro.

One day, Mitsuru left with an adult for an Elixir injection. Ichigo, Goro accompany Hiro as he and Mitsuru had a brief talk.

Afterwards, Hiro, Goro, and Ichigo quietly walk back together. They find that 494 was taken away. Another notes that it was 367 before that. The three look on, scared, until Hiro says they have to do something. Goro says that Papa and the others made the decision and Ichigo says there's nothing they can do. An adult suddenly appears to collect Hiro for testing. Though Hiro asks where the other kids went, the man ignores his question and tells him to get ready.

He has accompanied Squad 13 in every sortie since Episode 1.



Hiro is like a brother to him, someone whom he wants to see happy and well. When he discovered that riding with Zero Two was taking a toll on Hiro's body, he tried to stop him, but Hiro managed to convince Goro not to tell anyone, though Goro began to worry about him, to the point of calling him a fool because he was slowly killing himself. Goro felt relieved when Hiro survived the battle his third ride with Zero Two, the ride that was supposed to kill him.

In Episode 15, he helped Hiro reunite with Zero Two.


They are squad mates


They are squad mates


They are squad mates

Zero Two

Goro considers Zero Two to be an ally and is always willing to help her as she's Hiro's friend.

In episode 15, he helped her reunite with Hiro.


Ichigo is his partner. He has known her the longest and that ties into their partnering ability. Goro cares deeply for Ichigo, and is often able to calm her down whenever she has a breakdown. When they first met in the orphanage, a young Ichigo protected Goro from other children that were beating him up, and lent him a hand in defeating them. Goro was amazed by her, and fell in love with her, though he did not come around to realize it until later on. After thinking about it for a while, he decided to confess his love to Ichigo in Episode 09 after she rescued him from the Gutenberg-class Klaxosaur.


They are squad mates


They are squad mates


They are squad mates




They were squad mates




Goro's nickname may use some of the numeral's readings from his real name "Code:056": with no reading from "0", go from 5 ( () , go) and ro from 6 ( (ろく) , roku).


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  1. Episode 13
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