Futoshi (フトシ, Futoshi) is one of the main characters in DARLING in the FRANXX. He is a former Parasite with the codename "214" of the Thirteenth Plantation, where he was partnered in a boy-girl pair with Ikuno to pilot a FRANXX called Chlorophytum. He was previously partnered with Kokoro and the pilot of Genista.


Futoshi has a hefty build and a kind face. He is quite tall, being the second tallest next to Goro. He has short auburn-brown hair that hangs lightly over his forehead. His thick, stumpy eyebrows and round, playful eyes give him an approachable quality. Often seen by others as "fat", becoming the butt of many jokes on the subject. He is usually he is holding some article of food and dons the standard Stamen Parasite uniform.

In Episode 24 when he has become an adult, Futoshi has some graying hair and he has also grown a mustache.


Futoshi is optimistic and does things at his own pace, he is also surprisingly sensible and openly voices nearly anything that comes to mind. He gets along with everyone and has a friendly demeanor. He takes his promises seriously and cares for his squad mates. Even though he broke down when Kokoro ended their partnership he was quick to forgive her and supportive of her decision. In episode 16, it is revealed that he started suffering from what seems bulimia, as Zorome said "I know that you're forcing yourself to eat and throwing it all back up".


Like the other members of his unit, Futoshi was raised in the Garden and lived there until being moved to Cerasus: The thirteenth plantation[1].

Episode 01: Alone and Lonesome

Episode 02: What it Means to Connect

Futoshi was eating buns during the lunch. He grabbed some buns to eat from his locker before the drill. Only he was eating while watching the mock battle.

Episode 03: Fighting Puppet

Episode 04: Flap Flap

Episode 05: Your Thorn, My Badge

Episode 06: DARLING in the FRANXX

He and Squad 13 joined the fight to protect Plantation 13 and 26 until the kissing is complete

Episode 07: Shooting Star Moratorium

He and Squad 13 was rewarded with a trip to the beach. There they had fun and discovered an abandoned settlement.

Episode 08: Boys × Girls

He was unfortunately caught in the fight between the girls, lead by Miku and the boys.

Episode 09: Triangle Bomb

Episode 10: The City of Eternity

He and squad 13 ventured into Cerasus Inner City.

Episode 11: Partner Shuffle

Kokoro volunteered to be Mitsuru's partner. This devastated Futoshi but he recovered quickly and forgave her. He and Mitsuru later had a conflict over Kokoro but it has been resolved and Mitsuru promised to protect Kokoro, much to Futoshi's delight.

Episode 12: The Garden Where It All Began

He and squad 13 returned to the Garden. Later, trouble arose as Zero Two goes on a rampage and attacks Squad 13.

Episode 13: The Beast and the Prince

Episode 14: Punishment and Confession

Episode 15: The Bird that Shares Wings

Episode 16: Days of Our Lives

Episode 17: Eden

Episode 18: When the Sakura Blooms

Episode 19: Inhumanity

Episode 20: A New World

Episode 21: For You, My Love

Episode 22: Stargazers

Episode 23: DARLING in the FRANXX

Episode 24: Never Let Me Go

Futoshi is now an adult, working as a cook. He is shown delivering bread to Ikuno, and jokingly blames her for him getting his appetite back. He is then shown with his wife and children.



In the beginning, it is shown they have a positive and friendly relationship towards each other. This continues even as he flirts with her. She doesn't appear to mind it at the beginning. Although as his feelings grow and he continues to be too honest, Kokoro does start to appear to become flustered by them, as seen in Episode 8 "Boys x Girls", where he tells her in front of everyone that he has always thought her beautiful. Leading up to Episode 11 "Partner Shuffle", his feelings have grown to the point where he asks her to promise that they will remain partners forever, as she, albeit hesitantly, promises him the same.

When Kokoro asks to attempt a partnership with Mitsuru, it blindsides and devastates Futoshi. But he rebounds remarkably fast and forgives her within hours. He continues to be very protective over her and this has made him attack Mitsuru twice and get him to promise to protect Kokoro, which Mitsuru eventually promises. He doesn't realize that his feelings were love until after everything in "Partner Shuffle" had calmed down.

Although he has deep feelings for Kokoro, he eventually comes to fully support Kokoro's relationship with Mitsuru and even wanted, by his own volition, to become the priest for their wedding. When their memories of each other were altered, Futoshi refused to go back to being Kokoro's partner and insisted for her to ride with Mitsuru. He further expressed concern for Kokoro during her pregnancy and insisted she eat food with good nutrients. He also showed genuine happiness for her and Mitsuru when their daughter was born. He has closely watched over their relationship and remains supportive of Kokoro. There has been no further fallout from her decision to end their partnership.


It is uncertain of the relationship between Futoshi and Mitsuru. On many accounts they can be seen in dispute, often times exchanging hostile tones and even physically assaulting one another. It is apparent that Kokoro is the direct cause of their conflicts due to Futoshi's romantic feelings and undying desire to protect her. Eventually, Futoshi begins to view Mitsuru as a comrade. In episode 11 Futoshi is seen quietly congratulating Mitsuru when he finally managed to power up the Genista during the battle against the Klaxosaur. Although things have calmed down after episode 11, Futoshi still cared for Kokoro, asking her if she and Mitsuru kissed when Zorome told the squad that they embraced in episode 17. However, he later demonstrated his full support for their relationship when he insisted on being the priest for their wedding and that she stay with Mitsuru after their memories are altered. When Kokoro gives birth to her daughter, Futoshi embraces Mitsuru and congratulates him for being the first parasite to become a father.


They seem to have a good relationship. Futoshi is the first to ask about Hiro's health after his second time piloting with Zero Two. Like the other parasites, he mourns the deaths of Hiro and Zero Two after they sacrifice themselves to destroy VIRM.

Zero Two

He is wary of Zero Two at first but warms up toward her with the rest of the squadron, and highly regards Zero Two's involvement valuable to the squad. Like all the parasites, he mourns the deaths of Zero Two and Hiro when they sacrifice themselves to destroy the VIRM.


Zorome seems to like teasing and poking fun at Futoshi a lot, but they're good friends and often play with each other.


Although they were declared partners after episode 11, there has been no significant development. However, they get along relatively well and he credits her hard work for keeping the parasites’ accelerated aging process under control.


Futoshi's nickname may use some of the numeral's readings from his real name "Code:214": fu from 2 ( () , fu), to from 10 ( (とお) , ) and shi from 4 ( () , shi). Futo can be written in kanji "太", which means fat or thick, in what's most likely also a reference to his appearance.


"Don't call me "fat"!"—Futoshi
"Hurting a girl is the worst thing a man can do!"—Futoshi
"I'll just eat it so it doesn't go to waste."—Futoshi
"I wonder If I'll be able to fight properly."—Futoshi



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