"Things keep changing. Until now, food, shelter, a reason to live, even a place to die, everything was only given to us. But, that's over too. Now, we have woken up from that long dream and we will never go back to being CHILDREN. That choice, we made it on our own."—Goro and Ichigo

Stargazers is the 22nd episode of DARLING in the FRANXX.


While the Klaxosaurs depart to space, taking Strelizia Apath with them to fight VIRM, the surviving Parasites work together to ensure their survival, led by Squad 13. However, Zero Two is still in a catatonic state and the others discover that Kokoro is pregnant with Mitsuru's child. Meanwhile, Hachi and Nana locate the site where the discarded Parasites are being held, including Naomi and are instructed by a message left by Dr. Franxx before his death to take care of them. Desperate with Zero Two's condition, Hiro finds out that her mind is still inside the Strelizia Apath, fighting VIRM with the other Klaxosaurs, and decides to set out to space to reunite with her, despite his friends' protests. In the end, the other members of Squad 13 agree to accompany Hiro to the space, assisted by the surviving members of the Nines, while Mitsuru and Kokoro stay behind as they can't fight with them due to Kokoro's pregnancy.


Goro narrates that no man ever steps in the same river twice and that Hiro told him that saying. He says that he recently had been recalling those words and what they mean frequently.

The parasites work in the fields and harvest crops to survive. They stop when klaxosaur ships blast off into space and remember when Strelizia apath did the same thing.

Hiro tries to feed Zero Two but she won't open her mouth. He notices blood oozing through her clothes and rolls up her sleeves to find a mysterious cut he can’t explain.

The parasites of Plantation 13 hold a meeting about their supplies and resources. Miku and Zorome compliment Kokoro on her knowledge of plants and how much it's helped them. When Futoshi is asked about the water purifier's efficiency, he wonders if they should keep using magma energy. Miku and Zorome answer that they have no choice, but are interrupted by Kokoro suddenly becoming nauseous. She excuses herself to lie down and Mitsuru is concerned for her. They ask Hiro what he thinks about magma energy, but he doesn't answer. Ichigo smiles and says that they have to survive any way possible.

After the meeting, Ichigo reminds Hiro to ask if he needs anything. A girl runs up and says they have a problem. Ichigo goes to see the 9's and says she heard they refused to eat since the day before. Alpha answers that they need maintenance. She leaves the food, but he throws it to the ground after she leaves.

Goro goes to the new Nana for help, but she refuses, saying she needs Papa's approval. Though Goro says that they might die, she doesn't change her mind. Goro brings Ichigo a hot beverage and discusses what the new Nana said. Ichigo remembers the same saying from Hiro and Goro hopes that Hiro and Zero Two get better soon.

Hiro finds more cuts on her arm. As the parasites work on the field, Hiro runs out and apologizes for being late. They tell him he looks tired and to sit the day out, but they are interupted by something crashing into the earth. They find a VIRM soldier and Klaxosaur that had taken each other out. A group of Klaxosaurs fly to the sky. Kokoro becomes nauseous again and collapses as Mitsuru calls out to her before passing out.

In the infirmary, the new Nana tells Kokoro that she's pregnant. Kokoro and Mitsuru are shocked, and he falls to the ground. The new Nana tells her that a pregnant pistil cannot pilot a FRANXX and abortion is one of the treatments used. She says to let her know what she decides to do. Kokoro panics and asks what she should do. Miku tries to comfort her and asks the boys to leave the room. Mitsuru asks Hiro what he should do, but Hiro answers that he doesn't know because with Papa and the adults gone, they are alone.

When Hiro returns to his room, he finds that Zero Two isn't there. He runs to find her and, when he finds her standing and looking at the sky from a window, he asks if she's normal again. She doesn't answer but blankly looks at the sky.

As the parasites eat, Goro yells for Miku and Ikuno to come quickly. They find all their crops have withered. They see the carrier ship and run to find Nana and Hachi.

In a flashback, Nana and Hachi enter a room together under Dr. FRANXX's orders. Hachi finds a database of adults. All of their memories being copied and archived. Nana asks why he didn't just leave her be since she doesn't serve a purpose anymore. They travel to a room where the children, including Naomi, who were deemed unfit are frozen. Hachi tells her that he received an email from Dr. FRANXX after the siege of Gran Crevasse, telling them to become the children's new adults. Nana wonders how she should do this when the children run up to them. Miku cries and asks her to save them.

Hachi inspects the fields and tells them that the magma energy extracting has striped the soil of life. Everyone worries this means they are going to die and Ichigo collapses as it begins to rain. Hiro frantically searches for Zero Two again. Kokoro is holding her stomach while in her room and Mitsuru attempts to knock on her door, but stops himself.

Goro gives Ikuno pills and she says that she collapsed from overwork. Goro becomes angry and runs to Hiro. He tells him that he wants to figure something out about the fields. Hiro spots Zero Two and runs off. When there is an explosion in the sky, two cuts appear on her arm. He brings her back to the room and finds her book and that she left the last page to him. He finds that it lacks a drawing and he realizes she deliberately left it blank because she foresaw they would part ways one day. When he touches their horns together, he discovers that she's in the sky with Strelizia as well.

Hachi and Goro find that Mistilteinn contains soil from before the planet became a desert and that they can use that to grow more crops. Goro runs off to tell everyone. After he leaves, Hachi notices Hiro in the doorway. Goro tells the other parasites and they become excited. They notice Hiro in the doorway, and he says he has to talk to them about something. He tells them that he wants to meet Zero Two by using a klaxosaur ship to fly into space. Though he knows he could die, he says he couldn't live with himself if he didn't go. He walks away, but Goro follows him and demands to know why he would when they need to work together. He says that he promised her and his horns and eyes glow blue. Goro becomes angry and says he's being selfish, but Hiro says he still must go. Goro punches him and some of the stamen pull him back.

Miku, Futoshi, Ikuno and Zorome sit outside together. Miku wonders if they'll ever find something that they're willing to die for but the others are unsure because they don’t know what the future holds and are left to make their own decisions now. Ichigo thanks Goro for what he said to Hiro, but he says that it was all about him and that he's the one that's scared. She sits next to him and says that they all have to find their own path in life. Close by, Mitsuru stands by with a determined expression and holds something in his pocke.

The next morning, Hiro gets ready to leave when he is met by his squad mates waiting for him, dressed in their parasite suites. They explain they have decided to go with him because the squad wouldn’t be the same without Zero Two and they want to take out VIRM in revenge. However, due to her pregnancy, Kokoro will not be going and Mitsuru will also stay behind. The three surviving members of the 9's have also decided to go with him because they have chosen to make the battlefield their burial.






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