"They're tiny fragments of memories. It's white, cold and filled with things unknown, but it's beautiful. In the outside world that I felt for the first time, I heard a voice calling to me from somewhere. And before my eyes, a warm hand was reaching out for me."—Zero Two

The Beast and the Prince is the thirteenth episode of DARLING in the FRANXX.


An unusual phenomenon begins within Zero Two's body. It is mentally unstable by the influence, Zero two to expose hostile to shouts more than ever. Even the words of Hiro, a partner, were getting out of reach. In the middle of such a fight, Hiro connects deeply with the consciousness of Zero Two and catches a glimpse of the memory that flows from there. It was a memory of their childhood, Hiro remembers that they had once met when she was nameless and unable to speak[1].


Nana warns that Hiro's and Zero Two's consciousnesses will connect through Strelizia and merge.

Zero Two narrates that her small room was the entirety of her world. Hiro narrates that the Garden was the entirety of his. Zero Two adds that, one day, she went outside for the first time. Though Zero Two says that she can't forget, Hiro says he'd forgotten completely. She says she can remember the vastness of the outside and how warm the hand she held was, or the promise they made.

Zero Two wonders who she is, though she never crossed her mind as a child. She was trapped in her room for as long as she could remember. Though she felt like I had even older memories, but she soon forgets about them.

When a person enters, Zero Two says that she was probably a stand-in-mother. She would bring her food and pet her head. One day, for the first and only time, she brought her something that wasn't food. Though she tries to eat and break it at first, her "mother" flips open the page and Zero Two begins looking at it.

Is is amazed by its bright colors and different shapes. Though it had words, she couldn't read. After that day, she never showed up again. The book was her first "pretty thing." She was sure the outside world surely had many more. She adds that she was half right. She is unshackled and dragged out of her room.

Hiro too wonders who he is. In contrast, he says that he always thought about it. He was in the Garden for as far back as he could remember. They lived there to become parasites who would fight for Papa and the others. All children were referred to by their code numbers. The lower the number, the higher the child's potential as parasite. The double-digits up to 099, especially the teens in particular, were given special treatment. Hiro was one of them, and he was told he was special, unlike everyone else.

When Hiro tosses a ball, it rolls into Ichigo's feet. She sits crying and doesn't look up. Ichigo wonders if she's strange, since everyone else has stopped showing emotion, though she continues to cry and says she wants to be like everyone else. She asks if she should get more injections. Hiro says that their codes are in the teens, so they were different from the others to begin with. She says she doesn't want that and being different is scary.

Hiro sits beside her and asks if she wants a name since he gave himself one. He says his name and says she'll feel better if she has a name like him, so he names her "Ichigo." He says that having a name makes it feel okay to be different. She is amazed and asks if he can name the others. He begins naming the other children, including Mitsuru.

Two adults enter and says that they can't change their designation without permission. Hiro politely asks what the problem is. The adults realize he's one of the teens and simply tells him not to just do as he please before leaving. Hiro thinks that they never answered his questions and no other children ever asked any.

The children watch as the adults pack up one of the beds. Hiro narrates that children were gradually disappearing from the Garden at regular intervals, though the adults wouldn't tell them why. Hiro was designated a special research subject and underwent tests at the Lab all by himself. If he did well, he was given a reward. One day, after testing, he witnesses Zero Two being dragged along for testing.

Dr. FRANXX looks over her and notes that she's leagues better than all of their past specimens and can't believe she developed such a human form. A laser is centered on her palm and when it fires, she screams in pain. Dr. FRANXX is amazed at how quickly her skin regrows.

Hiro asks an adult who "the girl with horns" is. She becomes frustrated and scolds him for always asking questions and orders him to his room. There, he decides to find out for himself who she is.

After testing, he tries to sneak off, but is stopped by an adult. He fails in his other attempts and runs out of ideas. Outside, he notices the girl trying to get her book back from an adult.

He scales a large tree to look through her window. Zero Two manages to take the book back and the woman gives up. For a reason unknown to Hiro, he is overjoyed to see her happy.

As Mitsuru walks off with an adult Hiro asks if he's going to the lab and if there is something wrong. Mitsuru says he's going to get an Elixir Injection, as he won't be able to stay if he doesn't. Mitsuru says he wants to become a parasite with him. He asks if he comes back alive, if he would pilot with him. He happily agrees and the two make a pinkie promise.

Afterwards, Hiro, Goro, and Ichigo quietly walk back together. They find that 494 was taken away. Another notes that it was 367 before that. The three look on, scared, until Hiro says they have to do something. Goro says that Papa and the others made the decision and Ichigo says there's nothing they can do. An adult suddenly appears to collect Hiro for testing. Though Hiro asks where the other kids went, but the man ignores his question and tells him to get ready.

As Hiro undergoes testing, an adult notes that is sensitivity is troubling and may affect the other children. Dr. FRANXX observes him and a man asks if they should increase his yellow blood cell dose. Dr. FRANXX says no because he is interested in what kind of parasite a child like him will grow up to be.

After finishing his testing and receiving candy, he leaves the room alone. He hears screaming and goes to investigate. He rushes over to find Zero Two undergoing painful testing with a group of adults surrounding her. Hiro is horrified and falls to the ground. A man suddenly appears and orders him to return to the Garden. He asks him to stop causing her pain. The man says it's none of Hiro's business and pulls him away.

Frustrated with his situation and unwilling to watch the girl suffer anymore, Hiro packs a portable searchlight and scaled one of the trees near her cell. She had just gone through testing and is now curled up on the floor. Hiro shouts and slings his searchlight at the window. Shattered glass carpets the floor and wind floods the room. Though Zero Two is initially aggressive, she sees his tears and begins to crawl towards his outstretched hand. When they both put their weight on the branch, it breaks and they fall to the ground. Hiro loses consciousness.

Zero Two carries Hiro through the snow. She is amazed at the outside world and looks around curiously. When she trips and drops Hiro, she notices a group of mice and begins to try and catch them. Hiro wakes and finds Zero Two eating a mouse. When he tries to get her to spit it out, she bites him. To get her to stop, he begins petting her hair. This reminds her of her "mother" and she lets go. He calls her mean and she appears to be ashamed. He realizes that she can't understand him but introduces himself anyway. Though he asks her name, she can't answer, and he sees on her ankle that her code is "002." He thinks of a name, first thinking "Oni," then "Zero Two." He thinks they're both bad, but she begins to try and say "Zero Two." When she continues to say it, he says he should have thought of a better name but begins to call her that himself.

Zero Two notes that she didn't understand his words, but knew his voice called to her, saw new things with her, and walked with her. He makes her shoes.

Hiro hands her one of his candies, but she doesn't understand with it is. He tells her to go "Aah," and slips it into her mouth. She enjoys it and Hiro eats his own, enjoying her reaction. She shows him her book, "The Beast and the Prince," and she notes that the pictures are pretty. As he begins reading, a group of adults appear, looking for them. The two hide and Hiro tries to calm her down. One man asks what they should do with 016, and the other answers that 002 takes priority and to kill him if he resists. Hiro pulls her closer and promises to protect her.

The two continue to flee from the adults and they eventually fall into the freezing water.

The two sit under a tree and Hiro finishes reading as Zero Two lies against him. He tells her that it's sad they can't get married. When she ties to say "married," Hiro explains what marriage is. When he looks at her, she smiles back. He says that they should get going, but she falls when she tries to stand. He had scraped her knee and blue blood oozes from the cut. He looks for something to bandage it, but is forced to lick it instead. He explains that animals lick their wounds to heal them.

With him kneeling before her, she confuses his pose with the prince proposing. He asks if it's marriage. Smiling, he says that they will once they escape. He tells her he wants to be with her forever too and become her darling. She begins crying and blushing and hugs him close. They look up and notice that they are under mistletoe. They are suddenly interrupted by a group of adults. Though Hiro tries to protect her, he is hit with the butt of a gun and falls to the ground bleeding.

After that, their memories are erased. Hiro forgets his promise to Mitsuru and stops naming other children. Zero Two swears to become human since if she were like him, they could be together.

In present time, Delphinium's arm is ripped off and thrown along with Strelizia. Ichigo yells for Hiro to get away from Zero Two or he'd lose his humanity. Hiro, crying, says that she was the girl with the picture book. She looks back at him with tears in her eyes.






  1. ゼロツーの肉体に異変が起き始めていた。その影響で精神的にも不安定になり、これまで以上に叫竜への敵意を剥き出しにするゼロツー。パートナーであるヒロの言葉さえも届かなくなりつつあった。 そんな戦いの最中、ヒロはゼロツーの意識と深く繋がり、そこから流れ込んでくる記憶を垣間見る。 それは幼い頃の思い出。 まだ名前もなく、言葉も喋れなかった彼女と、かつて自分は会ったことがある――ヒロはそれを思い出すのだった。

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