"We were raised in an institution and now we live in the Bird Cage. There are so many things we don't know. Take the sea, for example. How it actually smells, the sound of the washing waves, the fact that sea water tastes salty. All those things that we'd only seen in books and all those scenes, it was all kept intact there." —Kokoro

Shooting Star Moratorium is the seventh episode of DARLING in the FRANXX.



Looking at the sun, Ichigo narrates that after the successful kissing with Plantation 26, Unit 13 was given a special vacation. The kids seem happy and Futoshi and Zorome run to the water. Though Miku says that they're childish, Kokoro smiles and says that it's expected, as it's their first time seeing an ocean that's okay to swim in. Ikuno says that she didn't know a place like that survived on the surface.

Goro sets up an umbrella and tells Futoshi and Zorome not to go too far out. Ichigo tells him that Nana will pick them up the next morning. Goro wonders if it's some kind of training, but Ichigo smiles and says that they should enjoy themselves anyway. Goro blushes and agrees, turning away.

Zero Two pulls Hiro to the water and they laugh as she splashes him. Kokoro smiles and says she's glad he's all better. Goro says it's good that he's an official parasite now too. Ichigo narrates that she was uncomfortable about Zero Two, but could see that she was what he needed.

Gorilla marvels at Hiro's ability. One notes that Zero Two's search for a man has finally ended. Marmoset says that she still needs to be monitored closely. Papa says that Plantation 13 is a top-priority surveillance subject. He says that Code 016 is tasked with bringing her to the Grand Crevasse.

Hachi says that one of APE's special forces has become a plantation's exclusive parasite. Zero Two tells Dr. FRANXX that they didn't have to come all the way. Nana introduces Hiro to Dr. FRANXX, the creator of FRANXX. She begins to introduce a boy, but he stops her. He approaches Hiro and says that he's the first person to survive Zero Two. He says that he has an interest in them. Hachi tells the doctor that Strelizia and Code 002 are transferred into Plantation 13's purview. He waves at him and says that the geezers already told him. When Hachi announces that they're officially partners, Zero Two hugs Hiro.

Hachi says that foreign elements to adapt to their environment. Nana notes how strange it was that the doctor sent the children to the beach alone.

Kokoro serves a ball to Miku and Futoshi and Zorome admire their figures. They're surprised when they find Goro doing the same. Hiro follows Zero Two further into the water and the three boys begin watching them. She notes how nice it feels to swim in the ocean. Hiro seems embarrassed when he looks at her and she asks what's wrong. He says she looks good, but she can't look her in her eyes. She thanks him for all he did for her.

Hiro remembers when they talked earlier. Dr. FRANXX tells Hiro not to let him consume his emotions if he wants to always be her apartment. Otherwise, he'll suffer.

Zero Two seems to be about to kiss Hiro, but she instead licks his cheek. She teasingly asks what he was expecting. She says that a kiss is a declaration that the other person belongs to you and you should only kiss the person you love. She asks if he maybe kissed someone else. Before he can answer, Goro, Zorome, and Futoshi pull Hiro under the water.

Ichigo watches the other kids. Ikuno smiles and asks if she's distracted by the water. She asks if she is going to swim since she was always good at it. Ikuno pulls out a book and tells her to enjoy herself. She thanks her and runs off.

After Ichigo leaves, Ikuno begins to read. Mitsuru asks if she came there just to read. She says that she isn't interested in goofing around. Mitsuru says that the guy who looked suicidal now looks like part of the group. She tells him not to look to her for affirmation, since she's not like him. Smirking, he says he was merely talking to himself. She asks if they're done talking then, and he says that he found something odd.

The boys toss Hiro on the ground. Goro says that he didn't want to bother him, but the other two wouldn't listen. Zorome leans closely to Hiro and asks what a "kiss" is. Futoshi says he doesn't know what it is, but it sounds magical and Hiro tries to sneak away as he does. Zorome grabs him and asks where he's going. He tries to get Goro to help him, but he says he wants to know as well.

Hiro says he doesn't know either, but it's when two people stick their mouths together. The other are surprised and Zorome asks what happens. Hiro explains that it makes him feel good, but they weren't kissing in the sea. Zorome says he wants to try it himself and demands that Hiro let him kiss him. As he tries to, Ichigo walks up and asks what they're doing.

The other boys laugh as Zorome and Hiro fall to the ground. Futoshi asks if she knows what a kiss is. She becomes embarrassed and turns away, denying that she knows. Miku and Kokoro call the group back.

Mitsuru leads the group through a thin pass. Zorome says that it's exciting to explore. Kokoro says that she's a bit scared of the dark. Mitsuru coldly replies that she didn't have to come if she didn't want to. Futoshi is angered by this and tells him to be nice to her. He says that he can't guarantee their safety.

Goro asks if there's a relationship closer to being partners and that watching him and Zero Two makes him wonder. Hiro says he doesn't really get it either. He mentions his relationship with Ichigo and thinks he's different than them.

Ichigo looks down as she walks down the path. Ikuno touches her cheek and startles her. She asks why her face is all red. Mitsuru says that they can see it now.

They're lead to what appears to be a city. Zorome comments that it's nothing like the cities that adults live in. Kokoro asks if people live there, and Mitsuru replies that he'd never heard of anyone living outside the plantations. Zorome spots a building that looks similar to their own boarding house. Ikuno says that they must have used it as a model to build the environment they live in. Futoshi wonders where Kokoro went.

Kokoro looks around and comes by a medical office. She finds a book about childbirth. Mitsuru calls out to her and pulls her back before a bookcase falls on her. He asks her not to run off alone.

Ichigo comes to a bookstore where she sees a poster featuring a kissing couple. She thinks of her and Hiro's kiss and touches her lip. Zero Two suddenly says behind her that she did it with Hiro. Ichigo is startled and asks her what she means. She answers "kiss" and says that she probably isn't ready for it yet. Ichigo says that she has too. Zero Two asks with who and says that it should only be shared with someone special. She asks if that person was special to her. Before she can answer, Goro calls her and he and Hiro wave them over.

They walk back to the rest of the group and Miku says that she's exhausted. Kokoro agrees. Zorome wonders about the city and Ikuno says that they can be sure that it was part of civilization. Goro asks if people lived there in the past. Zero Two answers that they abandoned it and that humans used to live on the surface. She says that there are tons of places like that around the world.

Back at the beach, food had been delivered. They all begin eating and Goro hands Zero Two a shish kabob. Zorome roasts a marshmallow. Zero Two tells Hiro that she's going to go swimming before running off to the sea. Mitsuru watches Futoshi stuff food into his mouth. Miku teases Futoshi and Zorome by lying on Kokoro's lap.

Hiro asks why they think humanity abandoned the surface and wonders if humanity hadn't started extracting magma energy, if the klaxosaurs wouldn't have showed up. Mitsuru asks if he's doubting Papa and the rest. He says that they moved into plantations in order to protect mankind. This pumps Zorome up, to Mitsuru's disdain, and Futoshi as well. Zorome asks if he agrees and when he shyly answers, he asks why he's acting so aloof when he's their teammate. Miku says that they have to put in both his and Naomi's share of the work. Kokoro says that she finds it reassuring that they're with them. Futoshi and Goro agree. Ichigo stands and officially welcomes him and Zero Two to the squad. He thanks them all.

When Zorome finds a crab, Futoshi wants to eat it. Mitsuru is surprised that he still wants to eat, causing the others to laugh. Zero Two watches this from the water.

The parasites all sleep close together, with Futoshi and Zorome lying atop one another. Ichigo lies awake in her sleeping bag. She sits up and finds Hiro getting up.

They walk along the beach and she says she couldn't sleep. He agrees and says that he felt it would have been a waste. She walks in his footprints and then looks up at the sky. She tells Hiro to look at all the stars and points out Orion. She says that he used to tell her about the stars when they were little too. He doesn't remember, but she says she remembers everything he taught her. She asks if he forgot about the Ichigo star, but he says that it's the fifteenth star of Orion, the same as her code. He says that they promised they'd see it together after leaving the Garden.

They continue to walk down the beach together and she says they all have to do their best. She says she'll do her best as leader, so not to give all his attention to Zero Two. She says she sees their kiss as something special. Before she can say she wants to be with him forever, he tells her to look at the shooting stars. The rest continue to sleep, but Zero Two watches from a rock.

Ichigo narrates that their trails shone brightly, just like them and gave off gentle rays of hope.

Hiro says that if you wish on a shooting star, it'll come true. He asks what she wishes for. She says she tried to tell him, and teasingly called him stupid. He chases her down the beach. She wished on the shooting stars that night for that light to never fade.






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