"The act of bringing two pairs of lips together, which we'd never heard of, was called a kiss, she said." —Hiro

What it Means to Connect is the second episode of DARLING in the FRANXX.



Hachi begins the startup ritual the day after the klaxosaur attack. Papa and the other adults don't attend. Hiro has no recollection of anything that happened after he got in.

At Mistilteinn, Hiro buries a bird. When he returns to the boarding house, he finds Ichigo playing with a cat. She tells him that she heard Naomi was alright and got taken to the hospital. She asks if he was the one piloting Strelizia. He says he doesn't really remember and wants to try again. She says she heard a rumor that her partners could never ride with her more than three times. He says, without being able to pilot, he's as good as dead anyway. Goro comes through the door and tells Hiro to come in quickly as Zero Two is in their mess hall.

Zero Two slathers her food with honey as she sits at a seperate table. When Miku talks bad about her horns, Ichigo scolds her and says she saved them. Ikuno asks if they think she has klaxosaur blood. The stamen watch her as well and Futoshi stuffs break into his arms. Goro says she's ruining her good looks with the way she's eating. Hiro says he can't believe all her injuries healed so quickly.

Zorome says it was a treat to watch her. He "graciously" offers to ride with her and says he could do a lot better than Hiro. She responds by wiping her hand on his shirt. She gets up and sits on the same chair as Hiro. He asks if he really managed to pilot with her. She says yes, and calls him "Darling." The rest of the pilots are unfimiliar with the term.

Nana comes in and announces that she'll be their caretaker, just like she was in the Garden. She says that APE HQ has assigned her to the 13th Plantation Corps. Ichigo asks what's happening with Zero Two, and she says they're awaiting orders from HQ on what to do. She orders Zero Two to move off of his chair.

Hiro asks her to let him ride in her FRANXX again. Smiling, Nana says that it's up to Papa and the rest to give him his orders. She follows Nana out of the room.

In the elevator, Nana says they can't have her running off as she pleases. Smiling, she says she wanted to eat with her darling. She says to avoid making contact with the parasites because she's too much for them to handle.

At APE Central HQ Council, it is announced that one Mahorovicic-class klaxosaur at Plantation 13 appeared but Strelizia intercepted and neutralized it, but fuel stockpile down to 54%. They request kissing with Plantation 26. The Lamarck Club authorizes it and kissing commences in 175 hours.

Lemur says they received word that Strelizia has stayed back at Plantation 13. One says that Dr. FRANXX spoils her. One notes that it seems Hiro's a rare sample without signs of physical aging. Gorilla notes that with no established cause, mixing with the special specimen will taint her blood and must be recalled at once. Papa says that she shone in battle and they should wait and see.

The stamen look through their lockers. Futoshi eats bread as Mitsuru tries to see what he's doing. Goro says he's amazed Hiro managed to fight that klaxosaur. Hiro says he doesn't remember anything but how it felt. Goro says he's happy he stayed and maybe he's the type that comes through when it matters most. He playfully nudges him for getting a jump on him.

Zorome roughly shoves him and says that he doesn't believe for a second he piloted a FRANXX before them. Miku tries to put on her shorts. Kokoro says that connecting feels so weird and hopes that they get used to it soon, since it's not at all like how their training units felt. Miku fondles her stomach and says it's like your body is being stirred up from the inside. Ikuno tells them not to remind her. Ichigo says it did feel a bit weird, but put her at ease like being one with someone. Kokoro says that she wishes her numbers were as high as hers and that she and Goro must be really compatible. Miku says that they "double-digit elites" must be made for each other. He mocks Hiro for being so lovey-dovey. This annoys Ichigo and she storms out.

Hachi says he'll be giving overall strategic instructions, though field decisions will be made by the leader unit, Delphinium. Miku asks why she gets to be leader. Hachi says they will now begin the drill. As they connect, some of the pistils shriek lightly and Zorome scolds Miku. Hachi says that, if two partners are even slightly out of sync, their para-capacity will fluctuate wildly.

The FRANXX pairs manage to connect. Zorome begins showing off and ends up falling over and Delphinium catches them. Ichigo says that the stamen has the initiative when it comes to handling, so consider whether the pistil, who is connected to the FRANXX can keep up. Hiro watches them proceed from his training unit and Zero Two arrives by train.

Nana looks at Hiro's profile and discusses a startup trial in an actual FRANXX. At the Plantation FRANXX Parking Dock, Goro tells Ichigo that he's close to figuring out the trick to connecting. Zero Two walks by and Ichigo asks why it was Hiro. Ichigo says she appreciates her saving them, but wants her to stay away from Hiro.

She walks up and licks her cheek, saying that she's sweet and likes her taste. Goro puts his hand on her head and she swats it off.

Playing ball, Futoshi wonders if they can fight the klaxosaurs like Hiro did. Zorome says that it doesn't count as piloting. Mitsuru says that he heard that Zero Two has the ability to pilot alone and he was taken along on the ride.

Hiro approaches and Zorome kicks a ball at him. He sarcastically apologizes and says he thought he'd dodge it. Zorome continues to mock him, so he walks up and says that he did pilot and they butt heads. Goro and Ichigo rush out and pull them apart. Ichigo gets a call from Nana.

In the conference room, Hachi and Nana announce that Hiro will partake in a mock battle and, depending on how he does, will promote him to parasite. When he is asked to pick a partner, Zero Two volunteers. Ichigo says that she should instead. Mitsuru asks why it should be her since Goro is already her partner.

Nana says that HQ hadn't authorized the use of Strelizia, so Hiro will have to pilot with someone from his own squad. She says that her injuries haven't healed completely anyway. She mockingly asks that she take care of "her darling."

Hachi asks if anyone will volunteers as their opponents and Zorome quickly does. Miku is annoyed at him and asks why he's boss. Glaring at Ichigo, she agrees. Hachi says they'll do it the next day, but Zorome wants to immediately.

Goro cleans his glasses and Hiro apologizes for taking his partner. He receives a call saying they're ready. Goro says not to worry, since she never takes no for an answer.

The parasites along with Hachi, Nana, and Zero Two watch. Ichigo tells him to focus on connecting and she'll take care of the rest. Both Argentea and Delphinium manage to connect. They suddenly disconnect and Ichigo asks what Zero Two did differently. He says they kissed, so she tries it. Afterwards, he says he didn't feel anything.

Argentea suddenly attacks and Zorome says that he doesn't mind taking over as pilot for Delphinium either. This annoys Miku and she says not to hit on other girls and they suddenly stop.

Hachi says that the trust between partners has a direct influence on the handling. Ichigo pilots alone and smashes Argentea against a wall. Hachi announces that, since both FRANXX have been rendered inoperable, the mock battle is over.

Zero Two smugly flicks her hair as she leaves. Hiro apologizes. Ichigo says not to apologize and "you were awful."




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