"Our sole reason to exist is to become FRANXX and fight. We were born only for that purpose, raised only for that purpose. But to me, the failure of the group, that's something I can't forgive. With nowhere I can feel like I belong... that's when I met you." —Hiro

Alone and Lonesome is the first episode of DARLING in the FRANXX.


In the distant future, human beings built a moving fortress city "Plantation" on the devastated earth and enjoyed civilization. In one such plantation, "Cerasus," the day before a ceremony for parasites. Code 016 "Hiro", one of the parasite candidates, failed in advance tests and was in disappointment. Hiro who came into the forest without going to the briefing session of the enlistment ceremony is a fountain in the back, and witnessed that a strange girl is swimming. From the girl's name, code 002 "Zero Two", glossy two horns were growing.


Zero Two narrates about the Jian, or "the bird that shares wings," and how it only possesses one wing. Unless a male and female pair lean on each other and act as one, they're incapable of flight. Despite this, she found their way of life beautiful.

Zero Two walks through the snow and looks at her finger, where blue blood oozes out. She hears wings fluttering, so she turns to find Klaxosaurs behind her. She imagines herself walking with a boy and wearing standard parasite uniform.

In their large ship, Zero Two says she wants to take a bath. Dr. FRANXX says to have some self-control. She leans over to 081 and asks if she smells. Dr. FRANXX tells her to leave him alone, since he's drained after the last battle.

She asks if Plantation 13 has an ocean because she wants to swim in it. Nana says there isn't and she can take a shower. As they begin to descend, Zero Two licks herself and says she hates how she tastes.

Hiro narrates that he read about the Jian in a book he read a long time ago. He notes that it has to hide among tree leaves until it finds a partner and dream of the day it can take flight into the skies. He wonders what a bird that cannot fly goes, but says he knows well. Hiro sits up and finds that Ichigo messaged him. She says that their briefing ended. She tells him to show up for the welcoming ceremony the next day. Though it's sad about Naomi, not to be stubborn since he can stay. He hears a noise and goes to investigate.

He finds blood on the dome and notices a bird lying on the ground. When he tries to pick it up, it weakly flies away. Zero Two's plane flies above and she says that she "found one."

Zorome talks about the Partner Killer, who has horns, fangs, and any parasite that rides with her will have his blood sucked and die after the third time. Futoshi says he wouldn't ride with her. Miku says that it's just a rumor. Zorome says that someone heard security talking about it. Ichigo texts Hiro and Ikuno watches her while reading.

Goro walks in and asks if she got a hold of Hiro. She says no. Zorome asks if Hiro is gonna stay after all. Futoshi says that he didn't attend that day's briefing, so maybe he's going to turn down the chance. Kokoro says it's sad if he leaves. Ikuno says that, if he doesn't, where would that leave Naomi, since she got caught up in his mess. Mitsuru says that Hiro's showing real integrity and that it must be difficult for him, though he says this without compassion. Miku says that he's acting forced. Goro asks if she's okay and she says he's an idiot.

As the transport plane lands, Dr. FRANXX says that the seats are too hard for him. Nana says that they don't have many options when it comes to transporting large cargo. Dr. FRANXX says that he hasn't seen her in ages, but she's still as stiff as ever, though her body is "soft and yielding" as he gropes her. She turns and scolds him.

He asks if Hachi is well and Nana says that he'd been asked to speed up the children's training, as it will be the first trial run for the unit they're using. She asks Dr. FRANXX why run the test case there with such a makeshift team. He says that something's been bothering him, though APE might not understand it. After agreeing to attend the startup ceremony, he says that Zero Two is already missing. They look around and notice her going through a door. 081 angrily says that she's run off again.

Hiro follows the trail of blood and hears chirping, noting that it's still alive. He comes to a lake and says he never knew it was there. He notices clothes on a tree and wonders if it's a parasite's, though it's not like theirs. He picks up the underwear and notices someone swimming. He notices that she's naked and turns away, but when he looks again she's gone. He runs into the water, thinking that she drowned. She suddenly jumps out of the water with a fish in her mouth.

Hiro narrates that it was like he was put under a spell. Her two alluring horns and his first look at a naked female body left him transfixed.

Zero Two spits the fish out and wipes her mouth. She leans in and sniffs him. He suddenly comes to his senses and says that she's naked. She walks past him and says that she thought he was dead. He asks if she's a parasite and why she was bathing. She says that she heard ocean water was salty. He says that it isn't the ocean. She says she knows, but it's the most ocean-like place she knows.

She asks if he's going to swim. He says no, and she says that it feels good and, since he was staring so hard, she thought he wanted to swim too. He comes out of the water and explains that he thought she was drowning. He looks away and asks that she puts on clothes. She says he must be a pervert, since he's holding her underwear. He thrusts the underwear towards her and blushes.

Zero Two laughs at his reaction and thanks him for jumping in to save her. She puts her clothes back on and asks if he's a parasite too. He says no, that he can't pilot and dragged his partner down with him. He says he doesn't have a place there. She says she's always alone too, thanks to her horns as she puts her band back on. She tells him to build a place where he does belong and to find another partner, or take on by force. She suddenly licks his cheek and straddles him, causing the bird to fly away.

She says that his taste makes her heart race. It bites and lingers, like the taste of danger. She asks if he would have preferred a kiss. He doesn't understand, so she says it's special. She says that she's taken a liking to him and asks that he be her darling. He asks if she means "partner." She extends her hand and says that his ability's probably still dormant and she can awaken it for him, since he wasn't afraid of her horns.

They're interrupted by 081 who says they were looking for her. He asks why she keeps running off alone. She says there's nothing to do until the next day's welcoming ceremony. He plops her hat on her head and says that, as her partner, he suffers for it. 081 apologizes for Zero Two. Hiro asks what he meant by "partner." He tells him to stay away from her, as she's not the kind of pistil that just anyone can handle.

They begin to walk away. Hiro asks what her name is. She asks if parasites even have names. Her code is 002, so everyone calls her "Zero Two."

A soldier says that Mistilteinn's issued a search request for him. As he's dragged along, he finds the bloody corpse of the bird.

He finishes that he's all too aware that a flightless bird has nowhere to go.

At Cerasus, the parasites attend their welcoming meeting where they are praised by Papa. The adults cheer for them. At Mistiltein, Hachi gives Hiro the official instructions for his return to the orphanage. He says that HQ had given him special permission to remain there and asks him to reconsider. As Hiro leaves the meeting, he finds Naomi crying.

As Naomi and Hiro try to connect, their positive pulse and P-Factor drops and they're times out and they fail. As they wait for their ride, Naomi tells him he should stay and asks if he refused for her. He says that he wouldn't be of any use if he stayed. She says he's running away from his partner and himself. She asks if he remembers how many of their friends disappeared from the orphanage. She tells him that he's lucky to have a chance to stay at all. Crying, she says she'd do anything to stay and asks why he had to be her partner.

In the train, the group discuss Hiro on their way to the startup ritual. Ikuno says that their ship probably isn't headed back to the garden since she never heard of any parasites coming back home. Hachi greets them at the platform.


Naomi says goodbye to Hiro.

After Naomi crosses the bridge, she turns and smiles; telling Hiro to take care since she doesn't think they'll ever meet again. As he runs towards her, she tosses her luggage at him. She says she doesn't need it anymore and to share it. She smiles and thanks him for her name and hopes that he finds a good partner as her door closes.

Zero Two says that she can smell a klaxosaur. The other parasites begin the startup ritual but was stalled by the approaching fog. It was a Klaxosaur. The plantation begins firing at the klaxosaur and Strelitzia was caught in the crossfire. Dr. FRANXX notes it's a Maho class and Nana orders everyone to evacuate.

Strelitzia was thrown to a nearby wall as the Klaxosaur falls unconscious. Zero Two emerges from its cockpit and throws 081's dead body out of her FRANXX, telling Hiro that he's done for. She then got back in Strelitzia but Hiro tries to stop her from piloting alone. Zero Two replied that it'll start moving again eventually and then everyone will die, remarking that she's not afraid of death and she has a job to do. Hiro asked to pilot with her. Zero Two questions if he's prepared to die. His reply was that he's essential dead already and asks to be taken along. Smiling, she told Hiro that they're similar and it'd been a long time since she last saw a human cry. 

She pulls him into her FRANXX and kisses him, calling him her darling. Dr. FRANXX says that when the negative and positive - male and female factors combine and their hearts become one, the iron maiden will reveal her true form.

Strelizia easily destroys the Maho-class Klaxosaur core and defeats it. Other members of Squad 13 are shocked when it's revealed that Hiro was piloting it. Zero Two drops Hiro to the ground. Nana introduces her as a pistil with the special forces unit APE directly controls. Zero Two looks down and smiles at him, saying she found her darling.




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