Chlorophytum (クロロフィッツ, Kurorofittsu) is a FRANXX from Thirteenth Plantation piloted by Ikuno and Futoshi. Beforehand, it was piloted by Mitsuru and Ikuno.


Chlorophytum is a robot mainly colored white and violet. It has violet fins that are modified to resemble hair. Chlorophytum only has a single eye with a cyan color. It has an orange gemstone on its forehead, along with a violet gemstone on its chest. Chlorophytum's arms are shaped like guns, and it has pointy, orange legs that are used to defeat Klaxosaurs. Chlorophytum's arms are equipped with a heat sink known as "Wing Span", which allows the FRANXX to fly, though this ability hasn't been shown yet.


Chlorophytum is first seen in Episode 02, where Ikuno and Mitsuru connect and activate it during the startup ritual. The next day, they pilot it for the first time during the piloting drill.

In Episode 03, Chlorophytum fails to connect and activate during the Klaxosaur battle mission, and because of this it is unable to go and participate in the mission.

When a Klaxosaur suddenly attacks in Episode 04, Chlorophytum is able to successfully connect and activate. It heads off to battle the Klaxosaur, though there are some difficulties trying to defeat it until Strelizia arrives to assist them and is able to find the Klaxosaur's core and defeat it.

In Episode 11, Hachi informs Mitsuru and Ikuno that the duo in Chlorophytum haven't been able to fight and defeat Klaxosaurs as skillfully as the others. Later, when the FRANXX robots are getting ready to battle incoming Conrad-class Klaxosaurs, Chlorophytum's para-capacity levels fall and it disconnects, only for Ikuno find out that Mitsuru is ill. After Mitsuru feels better, he requests to pilot a FRANXX. Nana and Hachi do a connection test with Ikuno and Mitsuru, but Mitsuru's para-capacity levels are too low and Hachi notes that he might become a pruning target if this continues. Because of this, Nana asks the parasites if they want to do a partner shuffle, and Kokoro replies she wants to pilot with Mitsuru. After a successful connection test in Genista, Kokoro and Mitsuru become official partners, while a heartbroken Futoshi is assigned to now be partners with Ikuno.

When a Gutenberg-class Klaxosaur is detected, the FRANXX robots are sent off to battle it. Futoshi and Ikuno manage to link and activate Chlorophytum, and it acts as the defense alongside Genista in the battle. While approaching the Klaxosaur to expose its core, Genista suddenly disconnects and Chlorophytum saves Genista from getting attacked by the Gutenberg-class Klaxosaur, counter-attacking with its bullets. Chlorophytum protects Genista until Kokoro and Mitsuru are able to reconnect and reactivate Genista successfully and expose the Klaxosaur's core, as Strelizia lands the finishing blow on the Klaxosaur.



  • Along with Genista, Chlorophytum is the only FRANXX who does not vaguely resemble the plant that gives it its namesake. The Chlorophytum plant species, also known as the "spider plant", has greenish-white flowers, while Chlorophytum's color scheme is mainly white and violet.


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