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This is the twenty-eighth chapter.


Kokoro finds remnants of an abandoned modern town and is confused on what it is. She is startled when Mitsuru speaks that this used to be a city. She asks him if people still live here but he doubts it because he’s never heard of anyone living outside of the plantations. She says it looks nothing like the city the adults live in and he agrees, as the city they know of is more advanced. He tells her to go back to the beach but she wants to stay with him. He says he can’t guarantee her safety if she stays.

At the beach, Goro, Zorome and Futoshi throw Hiro to the ground and Zorome asks what a kiss is. Hiro is embarrassed while Futoshi is enamored of what it could mean. Hiro looks at Goro for help but Goro says he wants to know what it means too. Zero Two swims alone while Hiro talks with the boys. He says a kiss is when two people touch each other’s mouths, much to their amazement that their mouths can be used for something other than eating and talking. Zorome asks how it feels and Hiro says it feels good. Zorome Betsy’s Hiro for making his curiousity get the best of him and demands Hiro tonlet him kiss him. Hiro tried pushing him off when Ichigo finds them and asks them what they’re doing. Goro asks her if she has heard of a kiss, causing her and Hiro to remember their kiss and she denies it. Miku and Ikuno ask them if they’ve seen Kokoro and Mitsuru.

Kokoro and Mitsuru keep looking through the town. Mitsuru says Kokoro isn’t listening to him and she says he always gets serious and she is curious if this place. They end up getting separated when Kokoro wonders into a medical office and finds a baby book. Mitsuru finds her and asks what she’s doing. He notices part of the ceiling beginning to collapse and calls out to her. Meanwhile, Nana and Hachi discuss Hiro with Dr. Franxx.