Plantation 13: Cerasus

Cerasus (セラスス, Serasusu) is the main setting and a location in DARLING in the FRANXX. Also known as the Thirteenth Plantation (Plantation 13).


Everything in the section of the plantation that the parasites reside is arranged to assist with their numbers, so that they can maintain their connections. The rooms and everything else are arranged in order and with structure.

In Episode 01, it came under attack by a Mohorovic-Class Klaxosaur, which was neutralized by Strelizia shortly after. However, the damage resulted in the magma energy stockpile to plummet and thus the plantation was set to meet with Plantation 26 to refill its energy stockpile, in an exchange called "kissing".

In Episode 15, Cerasus was pried open by the Super Lehmann-Class Klaxosaur, pouring thousands of smaller Klaxosaurs in the city. Later, after Gran Crevasse was freed by Strelizia, a giant Klaxosaur arm came from Gran Crevasse and slammed downwards around the plantation, taking the core of the Super Lehmann-Class Klaxosaur and leaving marks on the ground. Mistilteinn was still intact, with some life growing on it.

In Episode 16, after Gran Crevasse was taken by APE, Cerasus was left ruined. Squad 13 lived their days in Mistilteinn until Papa ordered the 9's to come for them.

In Episode 22, Mistilteinn and the remains of Cerasus were seen via satellite camera after the Klaxosaur Mothership was spotted, where plant life was rapidly growing.

In Episode 24, the parasites returned to Mistilteinn to find any plants and materials needed to survive. They were amazed to find that all plant life was still thriving and used it to harvest crops.


Parking Dock

Looking at the FranXX

Docking bay

The parking dock (駐機(ちゅうき)ドック, Chuuki Dokku) is where the FRANXXs are stored and cargo comes in and out.


Mistilteinn (ミストルティン, Misutorutin) is the residential quarter for parasites[1]. It contains a forest and a lake shore.

Boarding House

The boarding house (寄宿舎) contains the parasites' rooms.

Mess Hall

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 12.34.17 AM

Mess hall

The mess hall is where the parasites eat. There are two tables for girls and boys.


The parasites share a giant bathroom.

Stamen Bedrooms

The bedrooms belonging to the stamen of Plantation 13. Hiro and Goro share one room and Mitsuru, Zorome, and Futoshi share another.

Pistil Bedrooms

Ikuno and Ichigo share a room. Zero Two has her own room in the attic.

Restricted Rooms

The former Squad 13 used to live here before they all disappeared during a sortie, causing it to be covered with Police tapes after that. Miku later found out about this when she broke into one of the rooms in "Boys × Girls" episode.


Where plants are grown. Kokoro usually is in charge of watering the plants. Mitsuru sometimes also stays in this place.


Changing Room

Parasites firstly need to take off their uniform and then enter the restricted area to wear (with a scanning light and a mechanical arm) a pilot suit.

Ep2 stamen changing room

Stamen using changing room

There are ten lockers, two mirrors and a shoe rack in each room. Locker number 2, 4, 8, and 9 are owned by Goro, Hiro, Mitsuru, and Futoshi, respectively. Locker number 1, 8, and 10, are owned by Ikuno, Miku, and Kokoro, respectively.

Ep2 pistil changing room

Pistil using changing room

Plantation: Inner City

Every plantation houses a city inside. Plantation 13 is no different. Access is restricted in this area. Only those with a proper ID card can go in and out without any problem. Its Adult population resides in tall glittering skyscrapers at all times and rarely walks outside. Zero Two always referred to it as a lifeless city. It was further explored when Zorome fell on his head in episode 10.

Conference Room

It is unknown where this room is located (possibly in Mistilteinn), though it is somewhere in Plantation 13.



The wall is equipped with canons to defend against Klaxosaur.



  1. Episode 02: 2:20

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