Ai (アイ, Ai) is a character in DARLING in the FRANXX, and the daughter of Mitsuru and Kokoro, and the eldest of their four children. She is also the first child to be born to the Parasites.


Ai is a little girl who greatly resembles her mother. She has long wavy ashen blonde hair, the same color as her mother's, which she wears in different styles: as a toddler, she wears her hair in small pigtails at the top of her head and by the age of ten, she styles her hair in braids. Although her facial features takes mostly after that of Kokoro's, she inherited her father's vert paon (piercing deep green) eyes, and her bangs are round like Mitsuru's.


She seems to have inherited traits of her mother’s personality. She is a very cheerful and precocious child. She shares a close relationship with her parents and she is adored by the other members of Squad 13.


Episode 17: Eden

Kokoro, who had been growing curious about pregnancy and childbirth after reading a baby book, made a sudden pass at Mitsuru, who was confused and rebuffed her. The Nines later berated her for her desire to have a child in case she dies in battle. Mitsuru comforted Kokoro and they ended up sleeping together, unknowingly resulting in her pregnancy.

Episode 22: Stargazers

After suffering from morning sickness, Kokoro finds out she is pregnant. As their memories were forcibly altered, she and Mitsuru are shocked and both are troubled with the indecision on what they should do. Initially, it is recommended for them to terminate the pregnancy for the sake of their piloting duties. In the next episode, Mitsuru tells her the baby has given him a reason to live and he wants to protect them both.

Episode 24: Never Let Me Go


Ai as a newborn

After they decide to keep the baby, Kokoro’s pregnancy is monitored while Mitsuru fully supports her and she later gives birth to their daughter Ai. Mitsuru is overcome with love for his daughter when he first sees her, and it brings him to tears when she holds his finger. Everyone else rejoices at her birth and shows her great affection. At one point as a baby, she becomes fussy while Mitsuru holds her and Kokoro watches them while she does laundry.

Ai with her parents

Despite the many adversaties the parasites face while trying to cultivate a self-sufficient lifestyle, Ai’s childhood is filled with peace and joy, and she is loved dearly by her parents, especially her father.

When she is a year and a half year old, while playing in the field, Ai looks at Zero Two’s statue and begins saying “Darling”. Kokoro and Mitsuru hear this and alert everyone. They all join hands to send their thoughts to Hiro and Zero Two while the two fight the VIRM. Mitsuru says he and Kokoro chose the name Ai for ‘love’ because it is a word they were never taught but learned from Hiro and Zero Two. Mitsuru further says he found her name from an old book and learned that, based on how Hiro and Zero Two felt about each other, it meant they love each other. While proudly looking at their daughter, Mitsuru and Kokoro say they want Ai to inherit Hiro and Zero Two’s bond. After Hiro and Zero Two sacrifice themselves to destroy the VIRM, Ai comforts her mother who cries.

Over the next eight years, Ai has a younger brother and sister and an unborn little sibling.




Ai with her mother

Ai’s mother. Prior to becoming pregnant, Kokoro deeply yearned to bear a child to leave behind a mark for the future for when she dies, but she loses this desire after her memories are altered. Although initially undecided on what to do after learning of her pregnancy and appearing distraught by the news because keeping the baby would mean the end of her ability to pilot a FRANXX, she gradually comes to love her child and finds a new purpose in life by raising her child. When Ai is born, Kokoro is happy and introduces her daughter to Mitsuru, whom she asks Ai to call ‘papa’. Kokoro loves her daughter very much and often carries her around.



Ai with her father

Ai’s father. Upon learning of Kokoro’s pregnancy, although shocked at first, Mitsuru is less upset than Kokoro but he feels guilty after watching her break down, and doesn’t know what to do. After realizing the importance of being a parent and unwilling to let Kokoro deal with it alone, he develops a deep desire to protect his child and admits he wants her to have the baby, to the point he chooses the baby over remaining a FRANXX pilot. He becomes protective and supportive of her when they decide to keep the baby. When Ai is born, Mitsuru cries out of joy. He loves his daughter very much and dotes on her.


Ai was named by her parents for "love" (愛). They wanted her to inherit the loving bond that Zero Two and Hiro had.



"Huh? Darling, darling! Papa, 'darling!'"—Episode 24


  • Ai is the first naturally conceived child to be born to parasites.
  • Her name was chosen by her father, who says he found it from an old book that detailed the meaning of love.
    • Her name is also a critical moment because it shows how the parasites have abandoned the code number system.
  • At the time of Ai’s birth, Kokoro was 15 years old and Mitsuru was one month shy of turning 16 years old.
  • In the MATO comic, she seems to like hearing stories about her parents, as she asks Miku to tell her about them.
  • Ai seems to have some sort of telepathic abilities, as she was able to hear Zero Two’s pleas for her friends to save Hiro from the depth of space without having physical contact with Zero Two’s statue and learned the word ‘darling’.


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