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APE is global organization that consists of scientists and politicians who govern all of known humanity. All civilian and military organizations report to them or someone under them, with the exception of the special forces pilots, also known as the "Nines," who report directly to APE. They worked with Dr. FRANXX in the creation of the FRANXX program.  APE is ruled by a Chairman, who is known as "Papa" by Children and adults alike and worshipped as a god. Members of APE wear elegant white robes and sport unique mechanical masks.


Seven Sages

The Seven Sages ((しち)(けん)(じん), Shichi Kenjin) or Lamarck Club (ラマルク・クラブ, Ramaruku Kurabu) are the highest members of mankind's governing institution "APE."

The seven adults who assemble at APE HQ. In opposition of the sudden activity of klaxosaur, they pay particular to the awakening of Strelizia and its pistil, Zero Two. They refer to Hiro as the "special specimen."[1].

Other Members


APE was founded at the start of the twenty-first century following the sudden arrival of the Chairman and his companions who took control of the internationalization government following APE’s discovery of magma energy. In 2025, the Chairman (who later became known as ‘Papa’ to almost everyone) approached Dr. Franxx about his research on human immortality and cloning. Members of APE hoped to introduce new mining technology to dig up magma energy from underground the Earth’s surface and create a new low-cost and all-compassing energy source. This project was successful and brought forth a wealthy economy and sped up the development of human civilization.

Although he was uninterested, APE hired Dr. FRANXX to conduct a project on human immortality in exchange for offering him significant funding for his research. With the use of injecting magma energy into the biological systems of the humans, his research was successful and all the wealthy became immortals but at the cost of the reproductive functions. Initially, only the wealthy citizens could afford this but eventually, this became universally available. By the year 2035, 70% of the world population had become immortal. To combat population explosion, a law was passed to heavily tax childbirth, which caused a drastic decline in the general population as this prevented non mortals from being able to afford bearing children. The frequent drilling of magma energy was at the cost of desertification of the planet, leading the creation of multiple Plantations containing their own ecosystems.

In 2027, the Klaxosaurs began attacking the magma plants. To counter against the klaxosaurs, APE instructed Dr. Franxx to develop a defense strategy. His research led to the creation of the Franxx units. However, the units required pilots who shared a mental connection and retained their reproductive functions. This revelation was discovered after many lives were lost in the development of the units. Because all the adults had sacrificed their reproductive functions in exhange for immortality, there was a need for new, fertile children. Through Dr. Franxx’s cloning research, male and female synthetic children called Parasites were created. Kept in isolation throughout childhood, these children were required to develop the emotional responses required to pilot a Franxx. Upon getting a sample of hair from the humanoid princess of the klaxosaurs, Dr. Franxx created Zero Two, a project APE personally oversaw and deemed a highly significant success. To nurture and educate the children as parasites, APE created the Garden, where they would undergo daily tests and drills from birth to age 14, when they are deemed fit to pilot and are eligible for discharge.

In the opinion of the public, APE is a successful organization that is dedicated to the preservation and protection of humanity, as they meticulously oversee the development of the parasites and were the ones who keep humanity from the threat of extinction thanks to their discovery of magma energy. Hiro says that, without the use of magma energy, which supports humanity’s necessities, humanity wouldn’t be alive. While it is a popular and successful government body, there are some who disagree without APE’s ideals and question it’s interiro motives. Dr. Franxx is a well-known critic of APE and tends to conduct research and experiments without their knowledge, as he strongly disagrees with their notions regarding gender, emotions, and physiology. Gradually, the parasites begin to question the docturation of APE after each learns fragments of concepts they were never taught: Hiro is told parasites are banned from having names other than their code numbers and they are restricted from having access outside of their assigned environments. Kokoro learns about human reproduction and shares with her friends that they have the choice to live normal lives and leave their mark for their future. Despite this, no one dared to question the legitimacy of APE’s ideals and those who do, as Hiro and Squad 13 eventually do, face critical punishments for acts considered treasonous.

According to the Chairman, APE’s long-standing goal since it’s formation is to obtain control of Gran Crevasse, which APE considers the door to humanity’s liberation. However, because the location is inhabited by countless Moho and Gutenberg klaxosaurs, as well as a super Lehmann klaxosaur underground, APE recruits all parasites from every plantation to take part in the battle. When the plantations start to become liabilities, APE orders the self-destruction phase, along with Squad 26 being ordered to carry out Protocol 32 (FRANXX self-destruct). By the end of the battle, almost all plantations have been destroyed or left in ruins and the parasite stockpile drops to 60% with hundreds of parasites becoming casualties. Despite this, APE declares the mission a success after Strelizia and the 9's open the doors of Gran Crevasse. To prepare for an inevitable conflict with 001 over control of Hringhorni, APE decides to attempt to assasinate her under the guise of persuading her to surrender. When she refuses, two members of APE try to kill her but she slaughters them in retaliation. Shortly after, APE declares D-Day, the supposed final battle against the klaxosaurs. However, 001 tries to take control of Hringhorni and becomes infected by a virus implanted by the Chairman. It is then he reveals his true identity: he is the leader of an energy consuming species called VIRM that has been using mankind as an arsenal against the klaxosaurs and now intends to destroy the planet. He and the Vice Chairman proceed to kill and absorb the souls of the other council members and every other human adult before sending an armada of VIRM to fight the klaxosaurs and parasites. When the battle finally ends, VIRM, along with Papa and the Vice Chairman, are forced to retreat by Strelizia‘s intervention and numerous parasites have been killed in battle. Another battle takes place within Mars’ orbit, with Hiro leading on behalf of humanity, against VIRM and VIRM once again retreating to its home planet. After a two year galactic battle, Hiro and Zero Two confront Papa for the last time and emerge victorious after sacrificing their lives to destroy VIRM‘s home planet and freeing all the souls trapped by VIRM, although Papa and the Vice Chairman survive and vow to face humanity once again.

With the collapse of APE, this led to events of confusion and survival crisis among the survivors. Without access to magma energy, the parasites began attempting to crop their food, but after realizing years of magma energy drilling deprived the soil of natural resources, they resorted to using fertile soil from the plantations, which gradually allowed them to grow the food needed to survive. Eventually, they made a vow to never use magma energy ever again as proof of their commitment to the planet, allowing it to prosper. The managers of the parasites took further action to defect from APE by suspending the code number system and giving individual names to the parasites, especially to the new children who are born in the aftermath of APE, and granting them the right to live their own lives.


APE convenes in the APE Strategic Headquarters, which is a large, circular glass dome located in an unknown region somewhere within outer space. The facility is equipped with a number of displays and holographic projections to assist in any meeting. The Seven Sages of the APE Councildo not physically meet up with other members of APE and instead appear via a holographic projection. They typically attend anparasite team’s graduation ceremony and overseas their first startup ritual.


Upon the formation of the FRANXX and parasite programs, APE formulates a manual that consists of rules for both the parasites and their caregivers. The parasites must abide the rules on and off the field in order to diminish their emotions, preventing them from losing interest in their obligations and becoming rebellious. In APE’s objective, the most important thing for a parasite is to be a tool for protecting the adult population and their plantation’s stability. Emotions are considered unnecessary things.

While APE provides emotional indoctrination for the parasites to strive into achieving their missions and become emotionless, the parasites are still human and not able to completely rid themselves of their emotions. APE does tend to tolerate this as long as the parasites fulfill their oath to follow through with their missions and prove their worthiness. For instance, Squad 26 sacrifice their own lives against a Lehmann Super klaxosaur even though 090 was specifically reluctant. Hiro believes the rules may be important but they are not infallible, and he and Zero Two later come to believe that following the rules will not make them any better as parasites and they will act according to what they believe is the right course. Those who break the rules warrant extreme punishment that range from re-indoctrination to permanently discharging the rule breakers from duty and disposing them. For instance, APE called Kokoro and Mitsuru ‘dangerous’ for their rebellious conduct (wanting to get married and have a child) but still found them to be useful enough to punish them with memory erasure. Also APE was willing to write Squad 13 up with a mere mention in their record for questioning their ideals because of the squad’s high killing record.

Known Rules

1) Protocol 32: A FRANXX unit or plantation must self-destruct to eliminate a threat.

2) A parasite must put a mission and the safety of the plantation first

3) A parasite must follow the commander’s orders

4) A parasite must never show emotions

5) A commanding authority must intervene to stop a parasite from reckless conduct, especially during puberty.

6) A team must work together on the field

APE instigated three prohibitions that are considered taboo knowledge:

1) Gender differences

2) Reproduction

3) Sentimentality


  • All members of APE are named after various species of primates.
  • Papa’s nickname is the only one that strays from the etymology of the other council members’ names. Papa is often used in some languages and religious sects to refer to the figure in authority.
  • All Seven Sages wear masks that resemble various apes and monkeys. Papa’s mask resembles a macaque or chimpanzee, as he is the leader of APE


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  1. APE本部に集う7人のオトナたち。活動が活発になってきた叫竜に対抗するべく、覚醒したストレリチアとピスティル(女性操縦者)のゼロツーの動向に注目。ヒロのことを特殊検体と呼んでいるようだが……

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