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The Nines (9’s(ナインズ), Nainzu) are a special forces unit directly controlled by APE[1].


They assume the role of "secret police", operating directly under Papa and carrying out his commands, maintaining order within plantations. They are unbound by any restrictions, including the exempt on Plantation 13: Cerasus.

In reality, they are clones created from Zero Two's cells, although they lack the Klaxosaur blood.


At some point, the 9’s were created through Dr. Franxx’s cloning research by using Zero Two’s blood and cell material. She and the 9’s were placed together as a special and defense force subordinate directly under the command of APE. However, Zero Two did not get along with the 9’s, specifically Alpha, and she was removed from the unit and placed with Squad 13.

Episode 17: Eden

The 9’s show up asa full unit at remains of Plantation 13 to check on Squad 13 and assure them that they haven’t been forgotten about. The 9’s then announce they will be staying with the squad as instructed by Papa, much to the sq dismay. Later that night, they discover a book that Kokoro drops and learn it contains information reproduction and childbirth, which are facts banned by Papa. They confront Kokoro, who admits she wants to bear a child to leave behind a mark for when she dies. They report this to Nana and Hachi but when Kokoro argues with her, Nana starts gripping her head in pain. Alpha surmises that Nana is going through puberty, and suggests Hachi replace her with a new Nana. Later, the 9’s show up to report Kokoro to Papa and the Vice Chairman.

Episode 18: When The Sakura’s Bloom

On Papa’s orders, the 9’a lead an assault on Plantation 13 and restrain Squad 13, so Kokoro and Mitsuru, who are having a wedding, can be taken away. Zero Two attempts to fight off the 9’s, but they overpower her. Kokoro and Mitsuru are forcibly separated and subdue before being taken away. As protocol, their memories are erased.

Episode 21: For You, My Love

During the battle against the klaxosaurs, a large armada of spaceships spear and the klaxosaurs stop fighting the parasites. In the confusion, the invaders reveal themselves to be VIRM, led by Papa, and begin fighting the klaxosaurs. Squad 13 doesn’t know who to fight but the 9’s berate them for ignoring Papa’s orders. Two of the Nines, Delta and Epsilon, are brutally murdered by VIRM beasts, sending Alpha into a paranoid rage. When the VIRM retreats, Alpha looks at the sky and pleads for Papa to answer him.

Episode 22: Stargazers

The Nines become ill due to "lack of maintenance" and refuse to eat. Only Alpha, Beta, and Gamma are shown to be alive, but plan to make their final battle and resting spot in space.

Episode 23: Darling in the FranKiss

Hiro joins them while they're at Cosmos, since it was the only way to get him into Strelizia Apus; he's the Stamen of Alpha, while Beta and Gamma fight as well. It is also revealed that the Nines can assume the roles of both Pistils and Stamens.

After trying to reach Apus, Alpha credits Hiro for teaching him what it means to be human, but he clarifies his home is the battlefield and gives his regards to Zero Two, to later sacrifices himself (using self-explosion) in order to protect Hiro while he enters in it. Moments later, Beta, and Gamma are trapped in a swarm of VIRM soldiers and it is presumed they are killed as well.



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